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New Calibration Standards
NEW! - UF (Ultra Filtered)Skim Milk Calibration Standards, as of May 2011


Product Description:
Eurofins DQCI Item ID# 110200
Ultra Filtered  Skim Milk Calibration-Validation Standards (1-12 in duplicate): Twelve  (12) samples in duplicate, Analyses by AOAC methods, Butterfat by Mojonnier; Protein by Kjeldahl; Lactose by Difference; and Total Solids by the Oven Method. Bronopol is added as a preservative.


Application - UF Skim Dairy Processes, UF Skim Dairy Ingredients and Cheese Operations: UF Skim Calibration -% Fat; Total Protein; True Protein; Total Solids and Lactose.


Approximate Ranges:
Fat:                       0.15% to .22%                   
Total Protein:      9.0% to 14.0 %
True Protein:       8.8%  to 13.7%
Lactose:               4.5% to 4.8 %
Total Solids:       15.0% to 20.0 %


Eurofins DQCI Item ID# 110202
Ultrafiltered Skim Milk Calibration-Validation Standards - Additional Sets (1-12 in duplicate): (Sets shipped to the same location on the same date.) These are the same calibration standards as Product # 110200 above, but ordered as additional sets, and represents a volume discount available when ordered in addition to a Product #110200.


(Available FRESH every 2 weeks, 3 weeks shelf life, STARTING MAY 16TH 2011)


Casein - Raw Milk Standards: Many of our customers who have infrared instruments with a casein capable channel (in-line and stand alone instruments), have requested Raw Milk Standards with Casein results in addition to the usual fat, true protein, lactose and solids results. Eurofins DQCI has introduced the Casein-Raw Milk calibration standards. They are different than the regular Eurofins DQCI Raw Milk Standards, however for those customers who would like to calibrate their instruments to casein, this Casein-Raw Milk calibration standard also allows you to calibrate all of the other components available on a regular Raw Milk Standard in addition to casein without the need for purchase of a separate Raw Milk Calibration Standard. Click here for more information.


Standing Orders for Calibration Standards

Did you know that you can simplify the ordering process for calibration standards by placing a standing order with us for the whole year? This gives us the opportunity to meet the needs of our customers. Please note that by having a standing order with us you are not obligating your plant to a contract and you can change or cancel your order at any time through out the year.


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