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Microbiology Analyses

Standard Plate Count (SPC): Aerobic plate count of total colony forming units of bacteria per milliliter or gram of raw, processed liquid and dry dairy products utilizing “SMEDP” 17th edition.


Bactoscan Analysis: an NCIMS approved alternate test for SPC ( Standard Plate Count) on Raw Milk. Bacterial cells in a sample are lysed, liberated DNA is stained, and passed through light. The signal from the DNA is converted to an estimate of Bacteria and CFU’s in the original

Coliform Colony Forming Unit (CFU) Test: Agar plate method employing a media (VRB) optimizing the growth of coliform organisms


Yeast and Mold Plate Analysis: Determination of yeast and mold cell forming colonies in a dairy sample under specified conditions utilizing “SMEDP” 17th edition.


Salmonella: Test for rapid recovery of Salmonella in food, allowing detection and presumptive identification of the salmonella organism


Listeria: Test for detection and presumptive identification of the listeria organism

E-Coli: VRB-MUG Agar plate test


E-Coli 0157:H7: (AOAC Official Method) for identification and presumptive identification of E Coli H157:H7


Enterobacteriaceae: Rapid differentiation of Enterobacteriaceae (eg. Klebsiella, E Coli, Salmonella, Shigella)


CP Staph: Baird-Parker agar-BAM approved for food


Direct Micro Count (DMC): Direct microscopic count examination of stained preparation of milk, or certain other dairy products, to identify and enumerate the number of bacterial clumps present


Lab Pasteurized Count (LPC): Raw milk in test tubes heated to 62.8C +/- 0.5C, survivors counted by standard plate count method utilizing  “SMEDP” 17th edition.


Pre-Inc Plate Loop Count (PI): Raw milk sample undergoes preliminary incubation at 13 degrees Celsius for 16-18 hours before analysis to stimulate the growth of psychrotrophic organisms and subsequently a Plate Loop Count (PLC). Is performed utilizing “SMEDP” 17th edition.


Antibiotic Sensitivity Test: Test for sensitivity/resistance to antibiotics used in treatment of mastitis infections using the Kirby Bauer (agar diffusion) method.


Antibiotic Testing: Delvo, Charm II, Charm SL, HPLC


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