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Milk Loads Analyses


Load Component Tests: Load tests are completed daily as samples are received. The test includes results for Somatic Cell Counts, Fat, Protein, Lactose, Solids, Freeze Point etc. Load Test barcode stickers will be printed and provided at no additional charge.

Casein Testing can be included with a load test.


Results of load tests will be transmitted by fax or electronically to Co-op/Dairy IT system, with a target of 2 working days after sample receipt.


Shipment of Load samples to Eurofins DQCI can be included with the transportation of patron samples from each of the courier pick up locations.


Standard Plate Count (SPC): Aerobic plate count of total colony forming units of bacteria per milliliter or gram of raw, processed liquid and dry dairy products utilizing “SMEDP” 17th edition.


Lab Pasteurized Count (LPC): Raw milk in test tubes heated to 62.8C +/- 0.5C, survivors counted by standard plate count method utilizing  “SMEDP” 17th edition.


Pre-Inc Plate Loop Count (PI): Raw milk sample undergoes preliminary  incubation at 21  degrees Celsius for  18 hours before analysis to stimulate the growth of psychrotrophic organisms and subsequently a Plate Loop Count (PLC). Is performed utilizing


Antibiotic Testing: Delvo, Charm II, Charm SL, HPLC


(Many Other Dairy Tests Available, call for information)


* SMEDP = “Standard Methods for the Examination of Dairy Products” 17th edition


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