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Milk Microbiology and Quality Analyses


Cows and Bulk Tanks

4-Bact Analysis Microbiology Test: Raw milk quality testing that includes microbiological assays where the same sample is plated for Coliform, Aerobic plate count, PI (pre-incubated) count and LPC (Lab Pasteurized count)


Standard Plate Count (SPC): Aerobic plate count of total colony forming units of bacteria per milliliter or gram of raw, processed liquid and dry dairy products utilizing “SMEDP” 17th edition.


Lab Pasteurized Count (LPC): Raw milk in test tubes heated to 62.8C +/- 0.5C, survivors counted by standard plate count method utilizing  “SMEDP” 17th edition.


Pre-Inc Plate Loop Count (PI): Raw milk sample undergoes preliminary  incubation at 21  degrees Celsius for  18 hours before analysis to stimulate the growth of psychrotrophic organisms and subsequently a Plate Loop Count (PLC). Is performed utilizing “SMEDP” 17th edition.


Mastitis Culture Analysis (cow, sheep, goat) : Examination of mingled  whole cow or individual quarter samples for presence of contagious and environmental bacteria.


Bedding Culture: Analysis of bedding materials for presence of environmental microorganism contaminants.


Sediment Testing: : Quantitative determination of amount of insoluble extraneous material in a representative sample of milk, utilizing “SMEDP” 17th edition; 15.072 and CFR 58.2728


Mycoplasma Culture Analysis: Cultivation and selective isolation of mycoplasma


Yeast and Mold Plate Analysis: Determination of yeast and mold cell forming colonies in a dairy sample under specified conditions utilizing “SMEDP” 17th edition.


Antibiotic Testing: Delvo, Charm II, Charm SL, HPLC


Johnes Culture Test:  Fecal culture testing for Johnes (or Johnes Elisa  test)

(Many Other Tests Available, includin other Dairy Testing procedures, call for information)

* SMEDP = “Standard Methods for the Examination of Dairy Products” 17th edition


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