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Officials and Payment Testing


Monthly Producer Test Package Summary:

  1. Officials: One Official component, bacteria count, antibiotic inhibitor, somatic cell count, and freeze point (if desired), in a report sent to State, plant, and field reps

  2. Daily (each pick up) payment testing. Samples run on Foss, Delta or Bentley for component analysis and records sent electronically to Co-Op or Dairy Plant server as data strings in report formats.

    Eurofins DQCI will also provide the following additional data results on most samples, at no additional charge: MUN (Milk Urea Nitrogen), and % water or freeze point depression. Eurofins DQCI will usually have patron  sample test results available and transmitted to the Co-op/Dairy IT systems by the 2nd working day from sample receipt.

  3. Daily internet based electronic Eurofins DQCI SAR reports (Statistical Analysis Reports), and monthly or semi-monthly field rep reports.

    Note: SAR data has customizable  report  data options include: Farm Name,  Producer #, Sample date, Tank #, Sequence #, % Fat, % True Protein, % Other Solids,  Somatic Cell Count, Plate Loop Count, Pre-Inc Count, Freeze Point, MUN, Antibiotic  Inhibitor. SAR is password protectable, and data can be grouped by field rep. etc.
  4. Sample pick up service (some freight extra) through FMMA 30 region  
  5. Supplies: Eurofins DQCI will provide, at no additional charge, Barcoded vial labels, zip-lock plastic bags for inclusion of vials in the shipping coolers and shipment coolers for sample transportation to Eurofins DQCI. Eurofins DQCI also will provide rolls of printed “Red Tag” Special Testing  Request vial labels for special testing requests.
          Note: (Red Tag special request tests are an additional charge)

 One Low Monthly Package Price per Patron-Producer



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