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Sample Submission Forms

In addition to standard component testing, Eurofins DQCI will do specialized testing as follows:



Eurofins DQCI now offers chemistry testing and some Micro Testing. We have developed a form for your use when submitting samples. Please use the following instructions for submission of samples:
- Print out the form
- Copy it
- Fill it out and include with the samples you send to us for testing.

Click here to download form in PDF format. Submission-form

Contact us for pricing and shipping instructions. Contact Information



Identification of antibiotics by HPLC, especially Beta-Lactams, is a service available from Eurofins DQCI. We have performed milk residue analysis for a number of years, and should you have a need for this type of analysis, contact us for pricing and shipping instructions. Contact Information



In addition to our regular line of calibration standards, Eurofins DQCI will also prepare custom calibration sets for your facility. We will work with you to make these sets to your specifications using ingredients and materials supplied by you or us. Call for details.Contact Information



Eurofins DQCI will perform chemical analyses on your products at your request. Third party testing, validation of your in-house determinations, or simply utilizing the resources of an outside laboratory are some of the reasons companies choose to send samples to us for chemical analyses. Contact Information

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